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This is a picture from our anniversary celebration, held at the enchanting Norumbega Castle Hotel. That night, my husband Nick and I had the pleasure of staying in the Library Suite, a remarkable experience that sparked a ton of intriguing story ideas.

What would happen if we pulled a book off the shelf and it swung open to reveal a secret room?

In another book we found a decades old bus ticket used as a bookmark, igniting a flurry of questions about its owner’s tale. Who was she? How did her story intertwine with the charm of this historical Maine castle hotel?

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Autumn Harbor Romance

Each book in this series features a different couple in Autumn Harbor, Maine, so you can read them in order or as standalones. You’ll fall in love with the quirky characters, idyllic setting, and sweet love stories that make Autumn Harbor a place you’ll never want to leave.

A Leap of Faith

A single mom. A young widower. Can they overcome the pain of their past and allow the love between them to blossom?

The Starlight Theater

A disillusioned journalist. A long-lost friend. As they strive to save the Starlight Theater, will they also shine the spotlight on their deepening love?

Wild Hearts Break Easy

A long-kept secret. A desperate plea for help. Can Lila and Luke navigate the perils of a fake engagement while keeping their resurfacing feelings at bay?

Children’s Book

The Little Christmas Ornament

The Little Christmas Ornament has been with Oliver’s family for as long as he can remember. The other Christmas ornaments are jealous that a small ornament so simple and plain gets hung in the best spot on the tree every year.

When Oliver accidentally drops the Little Christmas Ornament on the floor and breaks it into pieces, will this be the end of its tradition on the Christmas tree?

The Little Christmas Ornament is a story that teaches us that love is more important than outward appearance.